Founded in the 4th quarter of 2018, the team at EMC2 Property have been developing the online presence and content of our property website in order to provide the best experience for agents and prospective buyers.

What is EMC2 Property?

We are a property website which aims to advance in the industry and provide a distinct solution for estate agents.

Through various modern methods, we are actively increasing the reach and presence of our site in order to become a go-to site for agents, investors, developers, prospective property buyers and tenants.

Currently, we provide agents with a free advertising solution, however we have other considerable plans for future growth.

Our Aim

Our property website is rapidly expanding and we are dedicated to providing a competitive solution exclusively for estate agents.

We designed our property website with everyone in mind;

For estate agents looking for an alternative property advertising website and for prospective buyers interested in browsing local and overseas listings.

Our aim is to provide estate agents with an unrivalled platform for generating a higher online exposure in order to generate new leads and clients and in turn increase sales figures.

Looking Forward

We have ambitious plans to dramatically expand our property website’s reach. We also have some exciting new website features which will be released in the future – features which are not found on any similar websites.

We are also continually looking for new ways of improving the performance and available features for all users of our property website.