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Free Property Advertising

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Free Property Advertising: Overview

  • Advertise your property online for Free, within minutes.
  • We charge no fees and will generate you leads of buyers and tenants.
  • Place unlimited free property advertisements. Save valuable time and money.
  • List any location, worldwide.
Free Property Advertising

Advertise Your Property For Free
In Just 4 Simple Steps

Register For An Account

The first step to posting your property for sale for free is to signup.

We now check the legitimacy of new users. Due to this, you will receive your login details within 1 working day from the time you sign up.

Update Your Profile

In order for you listing to perform optimally, you’ll need to fill in your profile details before adding your first listing.

This is a super quick and simple step.

List Your Properties

The third step is to list your properties. If you have all the information ready, this should only take you a few minutes. We advise to include as much information as possible in your free property advertisement.

Once submitted, it will require approval before being set live.

Reply to Interested Parties

Once your listing is set live on the site, users browsing property for sale in the area your listing is located will contact you if they are interested. 

You will be contacted by either phone or email – whichever the user feels most comfortable with.

It really is that simple!

Free Property Advertising Benefits

Higher Exposure

By listing your properties on EMC2 Property, you will gain a higher online exposure for your listing(s)/agency

Generate Leads

With an increase in exposure comes an increase in lead generation. Who wouldn’t want free leads?

Widespread Audience

Reach a widespread, international audience of buyers by advertising your property for free with us.

Become a Part

Become a part of a rapidly expanding website. This service won’t always be free – signup now to get a free-for-life account!

Get Started For Free

Free Online Property Advertising

Whether you are an estate agent or property management company, a strong online presence is a vital part of marketing;

By listing your property/properties on EMC2 Property, you can leverage a higher online presence, thus increasing the visisbility and exposure of your property, without having to spend time in reaching out to potential buyers/tenants.

This will enable you to focus on growing and scaling your portfolio or business in other areas.

Once you have posted your free property listing, we will increase the visibility and exposure of your property listing through various methods and strategies, thus generating you new leads of buyers/tenants

If you are tight for time and have a large number of properties to list, don’t worry! You can request the team at EMC2 Property to list and maintain your property listings, free of charge.

Registering an account and listing a property is a quick and easy process  – it will only take you 5 minutes. However, if you prefer, we have a direct XML feed input which can be used.


Why Use EMC2 Property To Advertise Your Property For Free?

  • No fees, completely free online property advertising 
  • Higher exposure and online presence for your properties and services 
  • Generate high quality leads, leading to more sales 
  • Higher visibility in web searches ensuring the right people find your properties 
  • Targeted advertising directed to your listings 
  • Reach a wide international audience of prospective buyers 
  • Simply list your property and sit back while we generate leads of buyers/tenants 
  • Too many properties to list and not enough time? Don’t worry! Send us the properties you wish to advertise and we’ll list them on your behalf. 
  • We aim to assist you in finding motivated buyers or tenants that won’t fall through on completion


What is EMC2 Property?

EMC2 Property is a completely free online property advertising and listing website for selling or letting property. Our quick and efficient property advertising service provides you with optimum exposure and visibility through various methods, in order to generate leads of buyers and tenants for faster sales.

How Do I Advertise My Property For Sale For Free?

Creating your free listing for selling property online is a fast process – once you have registered an account it will only take a couple of minutes to have your listing submitted. There are only 4 simple steps to creating a free property listing on our website.

Once you have completed your listing, it will first be reviewed by the team at EMC2 Property before being set live.

If you have a substantial number of properties and require a direct feed, please contact us or sign up here.


What Locations Can I Post a Free Property Listing?

Wondering where you can advertise your property for free?  – EMC2 Property does not restrict listings solely to the UK property market, you can list property advertisements in any location across the globe.

Whether you are looking for free property advertising for houses in Franceproperty in Spainvillas in Greece and all other locations across the globe – we have you covered.

By using our free property advertising website, you will reach a large international audience of potential buyers.


Listing Rental Properties For Free

Thinking about where to advertise your property rental online for free? We have you covered,  on our website, you may list a property under three different categories: For Sale, To Rent or as a Student Accommodation.

Struggling to find tenants for your property? List your property with us and we will find a tenant for your property.


What Types of Property Can I List?

When listing a free property advertisement, you can choose to list the property as a:
Bungalow, Commercial property, Cottage, Detached, Flat, Land, Semi-detached, Studio, Terraced or a Villa.

You could list a room for rent with the above categories. You would list under To Rent and then choose the property type above, and include “Room for rent in (x) property” in the title of the listing.

If you have a property which doesn’t fit into one of the categories above, contact us and we’ll add a new choice to the listing options.


Advertising Property For Sale For Free: The Benefits

By using our Free Property Advertising service, you will benefit from various points – let’s explore these benefits of advertising property for free with us:

Increase Your Online Presence:

A widespread online presence is vital in marketing your properties and/or services, especially with numerous online-only agents cropping up. 

As the majority of buyers will search online, listing your properties for free on our portal will ensure the right people find your listings, thus increasing your sales and client base.

  • Generate a higher exposure and online presence for your properties and services
  • Remain competitive against online-only agents
  • Generate high quality leads leading to more sales
  • Higher visibility in web searches
  • Reach a widespread, international audience of prospective buyers
  • Completely free property advertising
  • Become a part of a rapidly expanding property portal


"I Want To Sell My Property Quickly, What Can I Do?"

Wanting to sell your house fast for free? With our marketing strategies, we will increase exposure and visibility of your property and use various marketing strategies, providing you a quick and easy way of finding a buyer.


What is The Process of Selling a Property For Free Online?

  • Contact your current mortgage provider to inform them you are looking at selling your property 
  • Take photos of your property to showcase its best features  
  • Determine the price you intend to sell for. Consider how low you will go if someone were to make an offer under your asking price. Contact us if you require any assistance in determining a selling price 
  • Register an account and list your property on our website (if you have arranged for an estate agent to sell your property). We’ll then use various strategies to send motivated buyers to the listing which will contact you if they’re interested in a viewing 
  • Find a solicitor – Buying/selling property must be done legally 
  • Plan a contract of sale between you, the buyer and the buyers lawyer 
  • Exchange contracts with the buyer



What Are The Costs of Selling a Property For Free in The UK?

For a more in-depth guide on the costs associated with selling a property, refer to our guide on the costs of selling a property. (Coming soon)

There are only two necessary costs associated with selling a property, which are: 

  • Energy performance certificates (EPCs)
    When selling a property, by law you must supply the buyer with an up-to-date EPC. On average, EPCs can cost £50 and upwards.
  • Conveyancer
    Your property must be sold legally – You should hire a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to deal with the necessary legal paperwork. This could cost around £850. 

By listing your property for free on EMC2 Property, you can minimize the costs of selling your home – we do not charge any fees or commission for listings. For this reason, EMC2 Property is one of the cheapest ways to advertise your property.


Get Started

Don’t waste your valuable time and money with other methods of advertising your property online.

With millions of people browsing the UK property market looking to rent, purchase their first home, move house or add another investment property to their portfolio, it can be a time consuming challenge for you to ensure your property is seen by the right people.

Once you have listed your property, we will ensure your property is seen by the right people, and will provide you with top quality leads and motivated buyers.

Register your account now and create a free property listing, with completely no fees,  in a matter of minutes.

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Free Property Advertising Online