General FAQs

EMC2 Property is a property website which aims to advance in the industry and provide a distinct solution for estate agents.

Through various modern methods, we are actively increasing the reach and presence of our site in order to become a go-to site for agents, investors, developers, prospective property buyers and tenants.

Currently, we provide agents with a free advertising solution, however we have other considerable plans for future growth.

Our property website is rapidly expanding and we are dedicated to providing a competitive solution exclusively for estate agents.

We designed our property website with everyone in mind;

For estate agents looking for an alternative property advertising website and for prospective buyers interested in browsing local and overseas listings.

Our aim is to provide estate agents with an unrivaled platform for generating a higher online exposure in order to generate new leads and clients and in turn increase sales figures.

Listings on EMC2 Property are generated through three methods;

The first method is done by an estate agent who creates a profile and lists their properties manually.

The second method of generating listings is done through the admin account of EMC2 Property – We will upload snippets of properties for sale with only a few images and a short description. In these listings, there will be a link (labelled “Original Listing”) which will direct users to the estate agents website if they are interested in the listing and want to see more images or read further information.

The third method is done through a direct feed input. Please register an account and contact us from your dashboard if you are interested in the XML feed.

EMC2 Property acts as an introductory website/property portal, designed to increase leads and online exposure for high-street agencies and developers with no commissions or hidden fees.

We only accept listings from estate agents/ realtors. 

We do not allow any private sellers or online-only agent listings on our website.

Estate Agents

Yes, it is free to advertise on EMC2 Property and there will always be a free advertising option.

We’re developing some new paid features which will be released over the coming months.

We upload properties through a variety of methods – if your property/properties are already listed on EMC2 Property, you can either claim them to update and add more information, or leave it without claiming – unclaimed listings contain a hyperlink to your original listing page on your own website, which users will navigate to if they’re interested in the listing.

If you have found one of your listings on EMC2 Property, it’s a super simple process to claim and edit/update listings.

Simply sign up for an account and once your information has been validated, listings from your agency will be transferred to your own account.

We’re in the process of developing a feed to automatically add listings.

Signup for an account and contact us from your profile to register interest in a direct feed input.

  • Completely free to advertise your properties
  • Combat online-only agents – We do not accept private or online-only agent listings
  • Leverage an increased exposure and visibility on an up and coming property advertising site
  • Reach a widespread international audience
  • Achieve a broad online presence
  • Generate high quality leads
  • Targeted advertising through various methods
  • Obtain views from motivated buyers
  • Efficient marketing – We’ll generate leads through various methods, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your business

Buyers, Sellers & Tenants

Unfortunately, we do not allow private seller/landlord listings on EMC2 Property.

You will need to register with a high street estate agent if you’d like your listings advertised on EMC2 Property.

If you’ve found a property which you’re interested in, simply find the contact details of the agent in charge of the property to request further information.

Yes, you can. Submit your preferences on our property alerts page.

You’ll receive details for new listings which match your preferences.