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How does EMC2 Property work?

What are the benefits of listing on EMC2 Property?

How do I list a property?

How do I claim a listing?

How to setup an XML data feed?

What are the benefits of claiming listings?

How do I advertise my property without showing the exact location?

Who can list on the site?






How does EMC2 Property work?

EMC2 Property is a portal designed for simple and efficient marketing exclusively for estate agents/letting agents and developers. We no longer accept private or online-only agent listings. See below for the benefits of listing on our site.

Listings on EMC2 Property are generated through three methods;

  • The first method is done by an estate agent who creates a profile and lists their properties manually.
  • The second method of generating listings is done through the admin account of EMC2 Property - We will upload snippets of properties for sale with only a couple of images and a small description, which will direct users to the estate agents own website if they are interested in the listing.
  • The third method is done through a direct feed input. Please register your name and email address to setup a direct feed for your properties.

EMC2 Property acts as an introductory website/property portal, designed to increase leads and online exposure for high-street agencies and developers with no commissions or hidden fees.



What are the benefits of listing on EMC2 Property?

  • Completely free to advertise your properties
  • Combat online-only agents - We do not accept private or online-only agent listings
  • Leverage an increased exposure and visibility on an up and coming property advertising site
  • Reach a widespread international audience
  • Achieve a broad online presence
  • Generate high quality leads
  • Targeted advertising through various methods
  • Obtain views from motivated buyers
  • Efficient marketing - We'll generate leads through various methods, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your business




I Can't find any of my properties in the search results, how do I list them?

Listing property on the EMC2 Portal is completely free of charge and is done in 4 simple steps. See this guide for further information on manual upload.

For direct XML feed input, see below.




How do I claim a listing?

If you have found one of your properties for sale listed on EMC2 Property, contact us with the subject "Claim", and include the URL of the listing within the body of the message.

If there are multiple listings from your agency listed, it is only necessary to claim one - we know which listings belong to each agent - Once you have claimed one, we'll link all of your listings to your account.

For the benefits of claiming, see below.

If you only have a few listings showing on EMC2 Property but have a large portfolio, you can request to set up a direct feed.




How do I set up an XML data feed?

Please register to begin the setup of a direct feed input. Click here to register for a direct feed.

One of the many benefits using a direct feed has is that the maximum of 10 images per listing will no longer apply to your account, thus allowing you to showcase more details of your listings to prospective buyers/tenants.




What are the benefits of claiming listings?

Listings uploaded by our admin account showcase a selection of properties from around Europe. Unclaimed listings which are uploaded by our team only have a couple of images and a small description. By claiming a listing, all of the properties listed on our site which belong to your agency will be linked to your own account, rather than being listed under our admin account:

Your account is completely free and will allow you to showcase your properties and services to thousands of unique viewers.

Once your account is setup, you can add in an enticing description and more images of the property. If you are tight for time, you can register your interest for an XML feed input (see XML question above for further information).

With a manual upload account and/or premium XML feed account, users will have the ability to contact you directly from the listings which they are interested in.

Without claiming listings, interested parties will still be able to contact you - they'll simply be directed to your own website from the listings we upload for further information on the property and for contact details.




How do I advertise my listings without showing the exact location?

It is up to you what location you specify the property as. If you do not want the exact location shown, we would recommed to input the nearest village/town/city to the listing, whilst also specifying in the listing description that the location is approximate.




Who can list on the site?

We are no longer allowing private listings on our website.

Listings are limited to Estate Agents, Letting Agents, developers and Management companies.