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Property in Amsterdam showcases a rich history within the architecture; Some of the leaning canal houses in Amsterdam date back to around the 1600s while the Oude Kerk (Old Church) located in De Wallen dates back to around 1250.Amsterdam was once a busy trading port. Many wonder why the houses in Amsterdam are so narrow; The houses in Amsterdam were constructed in such a way as to allow the maximum number of entrances of businesses to face the canals.
Merchants in Amsterdam would import/export goods via the canals and store them in the attics of their houses. Since the houses are so narrow, goods were hauled to the attic using a pulley attached to a hook on a beam on the upper level.

House Styles & Architecture in Amsterdam

In general, narrow canal houses for sale within the center of Amsterdam are fairly similar in size and price; Ranging from 5-7m in width and priced starting at around €700,000 for the smaller plots.

While the majority of the properties in central Amsterdam are narrow, there are various houses along the Herengracht canal which are up to 15-20m in width. These houses once belonged to wealthy bankers and politicians who had sufficient wealth to purchase and build upon two narrow plots.

Depending on your preference of the type of lifestyle you want, you may want to explore the various neighborhoods of Amsterdam.

Overall, the neighborhoods of Amsterdam are fairly similar, however each has its own unique qualities.


Property For Sale in De Pijp, Amsterdam

De Pijp is an urban area built in the 19th century for low income families, thus the homes for sale in De Pijp are fairly narrow.

Due to modernization and the demand for property in the area, houses in Amsterdam De Pijp are now fairly pricey – a 3 bedroom house in De Pijp will set you back around €1.8m+, where as an apartment in this area of Amsterdam will cost you around €450,000.


Property For Sale in De Wallen, Amsterdam

De Wallen is the oldest neighborhood in Amsterdam; Built in the 16th century, De Wallen displays some historic architecture and is the center of the city of Amsterdam.

Due to the central location of De Wallen, prices are on average higher here; If you intend to purchase one of the apartments for sale in central Amsterdam, be prepared to spend upwards of €350,000 for a small apartment and €1m+ for larger apartments.


Property For Sale in Buiksloterham, Amsterdam

The neighborhood of Builksloterham is a former industrial area and showcases a rustic, yet modern architecture. Builksloterham is located across the water from central Amsterdam.

Property prices will vary depending on how far inland you intend to search in Buiksloterham; Expect a 3 bed apartment in this area of Amsterdam to cost between €250,000 and €900,000.


Property for sale in Westerpark, Amsterdam

Buildings for sale in the neighborhood of Westerpark showcase a 20th century architecture of an urban redbrick style and are situated near to Westerpark – one of the largest parks in central Amsterdam.

Westerpark is a fairly prestigious area in terms of properties; Buying an apartment in Westerpark Amsterdam may set you back between €500,000 and €1.5m.


Property for sale in Oud-West, Amsterdam

Oud-West is a foodies dream area. Oud-West showcase a range of architectural styles and are close to the famous Vondelpark and the tourist landmark – “I AMSTERDAM” sign, which has now been removed.

Similarly to Westerpark, Oud-West is a pricey area of Amsterdam. If you happen to be interested in an apartment overlooking Vondelpark, expect to pay upwards of €2m.


House-boats for sale in Amsterdam

If you have visited Amsterdam or seen pictures of the city, you will have noticed that the city was built with a large network of canals, totaling around 50km. On these canals, you may have noticed the countless numbers of canal boats which are either tethered up or on the move.

If you are keen to live on the water, then this could be a viable option for you. Living on a houseboat can also be a much cheaper way of living. You are also not tied to staying in Amsterdam; canals connect to various other locations across the Netherlands.

Costs for a houseboat depend on the size of the boat, however are generally priced between €450,000 and €650,000.


Considerations when buying a house in Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are planning on purchasing a house or renting long term in Amsterdam, there are various considerations you should note;

Amsterdam is famous for being a bike-friendly city. If you aim to commute to/from Amsterdam for work, you may struggle with driving around the city. Parking fees are also exceptionally high within the city centre and parking spaces are fairly limited.

It would also be highly beneficial if you were to learn the basics of the Dutch language if you plan on moving to the.