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In a continual battle with Manchester to remain the “second capital city” of the UK is the cultural city of Birmingham. Home to Birmingham City football club, the Bullring shopping centre, Cadbury and Jaguar Landrover, various entertainment venues and vast numbers of restaurants and cafes, Birmingham offers something for everyone.

Below you’ll find brief information on houses for sale in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.



Houses in Birmingham for sale

Below is some information on prices of houses for sale in Birmingham.


Houses for sale in the West Midlands

The West Midlands is a county in central England, which constitutes of Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton. Prices for property in the West Midlands will vary greatly, as the county covers a total area of 902 km2. However, on average, a house in the West Midlands will cost around £210,000.

Below you’ll find information and popular listings from various locations surrounding Birmingham city. Alternatively, search all listings in and around Birmingham using the button below.


Property for sale in Birmingham City Centre

Interested in purchasing a flat or house in Birmingham city centre?

Flats for sale in Birmingham city centre are generally sold at around £200,000, whereas a house in the city centre will usually be sold in the region of £325,000.


Houses for sale in Great Barr, Birmingham

Located to the North-West of Birmingham city centre is the area of Great Barr.

The average house for sale in Great Barr will generally have a selling price of around £180,000.


Houses for sale in Kings Heath, Birmingham

Situated around 5 miles South of Birmingham city centre, near Moseley and Stirchley is the suburb of Kings Heath. Intending to purchase a property in Kings Heath?

Expect to pay in the region of £110,000 for a flat and £300,000 for a house in Kings Heath.


Houses for sale in Harborne, Birmingham

Around 3 miles South-West of Birmingham city centre and West of the University of Birmingham is the suburb of Harborne.

The average house for sale in Harborne is currently priced at around £330,000. In the past 5 years, the area of Harborne has seen a 20% increase in prices.


Property for sale in Northfield, Birmingham

Located on the outskirts of Birmingham is the area of Northfield. Numerous properties in Northfield were orinially built for employees of Austin Motors at the beginning of the 20th century. The Northfield Manor house of George Cadbury is also located in the area.

Interested in owning a property in this industrial area of outer-Birmingham? The average selling price in Northfield for a detached house is currently around £250,000, with prices in the area steadily rising.


Houses for sale in Edgbaston, Birmingham

The prosperous suburb of Edgbaston is situated just South of Birmingham City centre. The suburb of Edgbaston contains The University of Birmingham, Edgbaston cricket grounds, Edgbaston golf club and the Priory club.

Are you searching for houses in Edgbaston for sale? You should expect prices to range from £200,000 for a small apartment and upwards of £800,000 for a detached house in Edgbaston.


Property for sale in Stirchley, Birmingham

Situated to the South West of Birmingham city centre is the district of Stirchley, which has a rich history dating back to the prehistoric age; There is evidence in Stirchley of human inhabitants during the bronze age. The district of Stirchley has commonly been regarded as a run down and rough area of Birmingham, however many believe that Stirchley is an up and coming area.

Interested in buying a house in Stirchley? Prices of terraced houses for sale will generally be priced at around £185,000.


Houses for sale in Coleshill, West Midlands

Coleshill is a small market town located to the East of Birmingham city centre, with a population of around 6,500.

In general, you should expect a detached house in Coleshill, Birmingham, to cost just under £400,000.


Property for sale in West Bromwich, Birmingham

Similar to Coleshill, West Bromwich is a market town, however is over 10 times as large in terms of population. West Bromwich is located to the North West of Birmingham city centre and has deep roots in industry, relying on engineering and manufacturing during the industrial revolution.

Interested in houses for sale in West Bromwich? During the last 12 months, the average selling price in West Bromwich was around £150,000.


Houses for sale in Dudley, Birmingham

Located to the North West of Birmingham is the town of Dudley, which has a population of around 80,000. Dudley played a key role during the beginning of the industrial revolution, with industries in iron works, coal, and limestone. Some of the past history in the area of Dudley can still be seen today, such as the ruins of Dudley Castle.

Prices of property for sale in Dudley will usually be in the region of £105,000 for flats and £150-250,000 for houses.


Property for sale in Solihull, Birmingham

Around 7.5 miles South East of Birmingham city centre is the town of Solihull, which is part of the Borough of Solihull.

Looking to purchase a property in Solihull? Expect to pay in the region of £200,000 for a flat in Solihull and slighlty under £600,000 for a detached house in Solihull.


Property for sale in Oldbury, Birmingham

Located in between Dudley, West Bromwich and Smethwick is the industrial town of Oldbury.

On average, expect to pay around £170,000 for a semi-detached house in Oldbury and £100,000 for a flat in Oldbury.


Houses for sale in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Situated near the Green Belt of Birmingham is the town of Sutton Coldfield; North East of Birmingham city centre.

Expect to pay around £250,000 for a terraced house in Sutton Coldfield and £500,000 for a detached house in Sutton Coldfield.


Property for sale in Smethwick, Birmingham

Located to the West of Birmingham city centre is the small town of Smethwick, with a population of around 14,000.

Interested in searching property for sale in Smethwick? The average property selling price in the area during the past 12 months was around £170,000.


Houses for sale in Rowley Regis, Birmingham

The town of Rowley Regis is located to the West of Birmingham city centre and South East of Dudley. Rowley Regis is a historic parish town, with roots dating back to the 12th century.

In general, houses for sale in Rowley Regis will cost between £90,000 and £250,000.


Cheap houses for sale in Birmingham

Various areas of Birmingham and the surrounding areas have not received much investment throughout the years and hence have fairly cheap property for sale; In general, houses in Birmingham are much cheaper than in the South of England.


New build homes for sale in Birmingham

Birmingham and Manchester are continually competing to be the UK’s second best city after London. Therefore there have been a number of regeneration projects and new build properties constructed in and around Birmingham city centre.


Land near Birmingham for sale

While there are not many listings (if any) of land for sale in Birmingham city centre, you’ll find various plots of land for sale on the outskirts of Birmingham. Click the button below to search all land near Birmingham for sale.


Penthouses for sale in Birmingham

Within the city centre of Birmingham, there are a number of buildings which have penthouses for sale that boast great views of the surrounding area. However, as would be expected, prices of penthouses are much much higher than flats and apartments in Birmingham.


Mansions in Birmingham for sale

In the market for a large detached house in Birmingham? Or just having a browse of mansions to put on your wish list? Click the button below to search all mansions for sale in Birmingham UK.


An overview of houses for sale in Birmingham

On the whole, property for sale in Birmingham is nearly £100,000 cheaper than the national average.

Despite the turbulent prices in many areas of the UK in recent times, the market in Birmingham has remained strong and has in fact risen slightly by around 1.5%.

As the Midlands and Northern England are part of the “Powerhouse” of the UK, and with the completion of many infrastructural and development projects on the horizon, purchasing a property in Birmingham can prove to be an excellent investment;


Why Birmingham is a good investment market

As previously stated, prices in Birmingham are overall lower than the national average, which makes the city a very attractive market for first time buyers and investors alike.

Industry and business is continually growing and expanding in Birmingham, which means there will be an increased demand for affordable and well-built properties in the area.

Infrastructural projects such as HS2 will allow a much faster commute into London, which will potentially mean that many more people will move to Birmingham for the cheaper cost of living.

With an increasing demand, cashflow will be almost guaranteed, while capital gains will also provide a potential for considerable profits over the long term.