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Information on Houses For Sale in Bristol

The compact, bustling city of Bristol displays architecture which dates all the way back to medieval times and is currently home to two universities; The University of Bristol and the University of the West of England.

Along with a large student population, Bristol is also a leading city in terms of a commercial centre. There are many people who decide to relocate to Bristol, especially those from London, who are looking for a historic, yet modern, thriving and lively city In this article, you’ll find information on the many types of houses for sale in Bristol.

Across the city of Bristol, you’ll find a whole host of building styles, from modern designs to some dating back to the 11th century.

In medieval times, the city of Bristol was fortified with a castle and castle walls. Various part of this fortification are still standing, such as the city gateway. Along with the medieval fortification, you’ll find building architecture from the Tudors, Stuarts, Georgians, Regency, Victorian, Industrial eras and modern day.


Locations of Property for sale in Bristol


  • Bristol City Centre
  • Clifton
  • Hanham
  • Knowle
  • Harbourside
  • Bishopsworth
  • Horfield
  • Redland
  • Frenchay
  • Downend
  • Whitchurch



Property for sale in Bristol City Centre

In general, property prices in Bristol city centre are much higher than other areas of the county, which is to be expected. If you’re intending to buy a property in Bristol city centre, expect to pay anywhere from £130,000 for a small studio apartment and from £250,000 for a small property in the city centre of Bristol.


Property for sale in Clifton, Bristol

In the area of Clifton, Bristol, you’ll find numerous Georgian townhouses for sale. Clifton is located to the West of the University of Bristol, so expect a buzzing community of students. Since the area is so close to the university, it may be advantageous to consider purchasing a property in Clifton with the intention of letting to students. Either way, if you intend to buy a house or flat in Clifton, Bristol, you should expect to pay between £400,000 and £3.5m for a house, and between £90,000 and £800,000 for an apartment in Clifton.


Houses for sale in Hanham, Bristol

Located on the outskirts of Bristol city centre is the area of Hanham. Hanham has a diverse range of properties for sale with numerous old Victorian terraced houses and modern new-builds alike. Since the area of Hanham is on the outskirts of Bristol, property prices aren’t too high – expect to pay between £100,000 and £500,000 for an apartment in Hanham, Bristol.


Property for sale in Knowle, Bristol

Located to the South-East of Bristol city centre is the small-medium community and district of Knowle. To buy a terraced house in Knowle, expect to pay anywhere from £175,000 up to £850,000 for a detached house. Apartments in Knowle are sold for an average of around £180,000.


Houses for sale in Harbourside

Bristol Harbourside was once a trading port for merchants, however is now a modern residential area which includes numerous bars, shops and restaurants.There are a range of apartments for sale in the area of Harbourside. Looking to buy an apartment in Harbourside Bristol? Depending on the build year and quality, expect to pay between £200,000 and £600,000 for a flat in Bristol Harbourside.


Houses for sale in Bishopsworth, Bristol

Bishopsworth is one of the slightly poorer residential areas of Bristol, which is located to the South of the city centre. Houses for sale in Bishopsworth Bristol will generally cost in the region of £155,000 – £400,000, depending on their size.


Property for sale in Horfield, Bristol

Horfield is a Northern suburb of Bristol city and up until the early 19th century, was largely rural and unpopulated compared to present times. There are numerous types of houses for sale in North Bristol areas such as Horfield. Prices for smaller houses in Horfield generally start at around £200,000, rising to around £600,000.


Houses for sale Redland, Bristol

Redland is a prestigious area of Bristol, located slightly North from the city centre. House prices in Redland Bristol are currently on average around £550,000.


Homes for sale in Frenchay, Bristol

Located North-East of the city centre is the suburb/village of Frenchay. Frenchay is a fairly rural area of Bristol with a National Trust moor nearby. If you enjoy a peacful, rural community lifestyle, the area of Frenchay may be worth checking out. Houses for sale in Frenchay are slightly higher than other areas of the county, ranging from £250,000 to £1.5m.


Property for sale in Downend, Bristol

Neighboring the area of Frenchay is Downend, Bristol. This area is highly popular with families as there are numerous schools within short distance of the residential areas. Looking to buy a house in Downend Bristol? You can expect prices for detached houses in Downend to range between £220,000 and £680,000. Flats for sale in Downend Bristol will on average cost around £180,000.


Houses for sale in Whitchurch, Bristol

Located to the East of Bishopsworth is Whitchurch, Bristol. The area of Whitchurch has numerous new-build properties for sale and is an ideal area for first time buyers. Houses for sale near Bristol in the area of Whitchurch will cost you between £100,000 and £1.5m; depending on their size and location.


Types of Property for sale in Bristol



Approximately 1000 of the listings for sale in Bristol are terraced.

You’ll find varying types of terraced houses for sale in Bristol; from cheap, small 1 beds to multi-£million 5 beds near to the city Centre.

The area of Clifton, one of the most illustrious parts of Bristol, has numerous Georgian and Victorian buildings.

You’ll find prices in Bristol to vary greatly depending on the location; As a rough guide, you could be paying anywhere from £60,000 to £1,800,000 for a terraced house in Bristol.



Semi-detached residences make up a large proportion of the housing market.

Although there are only few semi-detached houses for sale located in the centre of Bristol, you will find the surrounding areas have various styles of semi-detached houses for sale.

A semi-detached house in Bristol will cost you anywhere between £150,000 and £900,000 depending on the location. In summary, those located closer to the city centre will be more expensive.



Located primarily on the outskirts of the city of Bristol are around 500 detached houses for sale, however, there are also a small number for sale close to the city centre which are primarily Victorian and Georgian buildings.

Again, depending on which area you are intending to purchase in, a detached house in Bristol could cost you anywhere from £120,000 to £2,500,000.


Historic houses for sale in Bristol

As stated in the introduction of this article, Bristol has a vast history demonstrated in its building architecture.

If you’re interested in historic residences, those located in Bristol date back to the medieval age, so there will certainly be a house in Bristol for sale that suits your taste.


Cheap houses for sale in Bristol

If you are in the market with a tight budget, Bristol may not be a sensible city to choose to relocate to; Prices and living costs are generally higher in Bristol than other cities across the UK.

However, if you are adamant to find a cheap house in Bristol, with plenty of time searching online, or the help of an agent local to Bristol, you may find a dwellings which fits your budget.

One option you have of finding a cheap deal in Bristol is to attend an auction. However, the majority of the time, winning auction bids will not be much less than market value but you may be lucky and find a good deal.


Expensive luxury houses in Bristol

Bristol is home to some very prestigious and sought after locations.

Primarily located to the north of the city centre in the area of Westbury on Trym, you will find various listings over the figure of £700,000.


Rural houses near Bristol

Located near to the city of Bristol are the Cotswolds and North Wessex Downs. These two areas of the country offer some of the most prime, luxury houses in rural locations.

There are also other areas of countryside surrounding Bristol, in which you will find equestrian plots, farms and land for sale.

Generally, dwellings in these rural locations will be approaching 7 figures and above.


Investing in real estate in Bristol

As previously mentioned, Bristol is home to around 45,000 university students but also accommodates  a diverse range of industries.

Due to the large number of students and working professionals living in Bristol, there should always be someone requiring accommodation to rent. For this reason, Bristol is seen as a fairly secure investment opportunity for either student apartments or HMOs.

While there should be sufficient demand to let out a residence in Bristol, it should also be noted that due to the number of industries headquartered in Bristol, prices should remain stable during Brexit and in “normal” circumstances, increase in value at a slower, but similar rate to London.