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Croatia is a highly popular tourist destination, generating nearly £10 billion annually. With golden beaches that house hundreds of small caves to explore, numerous nature parks, cold Alpine terrain in the North and a Mediterranean climate along the coast, it is no wonder why Croatia is so popular.

The shores of Croatia compromises of over 100 islands of various sizes, some of which are uninhabited. Due to the proximity of Croatia in the Adriatic sea, the country has been occupied by numerous powers throughout history.

As a result of this, properties in central Croatia showcase a distinctive architecture which is a combination of neighboring countries Austria and Hungary. Coastal regions of Croatia display Baroque and Venetian architecture. Along with these styles, there are also ancient Roman ruins found in various locations across the country, such as the Pula Arena.


Popular Locations of Property For Sale in Croatia

  • Split
  • Zagreb
  • Dubrovnik
  • Zadar
  • Pula
  • Makarska
  • Rijeka
  • Osijek


Property for sale in Split

Located on the Southern coast of Croatia is the city of Split. With around 2,250 residents per square meter, the city is fairly densely populated.

Properties in Split have a small resemblance to Greek and Venetian architecture; In 305AD a Greek colony populated the area, however around the year of 1500, Venice took control of the Dalmatian city of Split.


Property in Zagreb for sale

The city of Zagreb is located in Northern Croatia, near the Croatia/Slovenia border. Properties in Zagreb display the typical Austrian/Hungarian architecture which is prevalent in the Northern areas of Croatia.

In general, a property in Zagreb will cost in the range of €60,000 to €800,000.


Property in Dubrovnik for sale

Facing the Adriatic sea in Southern Croatia is the city of Dubrovnik. The city is well-known for it’s old architecture, which is prominent in the old 12-17th century city walls, the Stradun Clock tower and monastery and the gothic Rector’s Palace.


Property for sale in Zadar

The city of Zadar is another historically old town of Croatia. With old Roman and Venetian walls surrounding the city, the Church of St Donatus and the Zadar Cathedral, Zadar is estimated to be the oldest city in Croatia; Evidence of human activity dating back to the Neolithic age has been found in Zadar. If you’re a person who enjoys exploring historic museums and ancient structures, you should head to the city of Zadar.


Property for sale in Pula

Situated on the Istrian Peninsular is the city of Pula, which has been occupied by various powers over the years. Romans, Ostrogoths and Venetians have all been in control of the city due to its location. However this has in turn generated a wide variety of architectural property styles throughout the city.


Property for sale in Makarska

Makarska is a city located on the Southern Riviera of Croatia, South of the city of Split. Due to the cities location, whether you enjoy lounging on the beach or hiking and exploring a national park, Makarska will be the Croatian city for you. White sand beaches, steep cliffs and the Biokovka mountain range isn’t all Makarska has to offer; Within the city you’ll find a vibrant nightlife, traditional restaurants, shops and spas.


Property for sale in Rijeka

Rijeka the 3rd largest city in Croatia, situated on the coast of Northern Croatia, facing the Adriatic Sea. Properties in Rijeka display architectural styles from various eras; Baroque, Venetian, Habsburg, Austrian and Hungarian designs can be found throughout the city.

Interested in purchasing a property in Rijeka, Croatia? Expect prices to range between €75,000 and €2.5m.


Property in Osijek for sale

Situated in North-Eastern Croatia, near the border of Slovenia/Hungary is the city of Osijek, the 4th largest in Croatia by population. Osijek is another city of Croatia which has a rich history, with evidence dating back to the Neolithic age. Throughout history, various rulers were in power in Osijek, which has contributed to varying architectural styles around the city. Roman, Turkish, Hungarian, Baroque and Islamic architecture can be found in Osijek.

Fancy purchasing a property in Osijek, Croatia?