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Information on Houses For Sale in Glasgow

Located in the West of the Lowlands of Scotland is the cultural port city of Glasgow, which is the 5th most densely populated city in Europe.

Due to the rich history in the city of Glasgow dating back to even before the Roman and Celtic era, there are a wide variety of property styles displayed in those currently on the market; Whatever your ideal property is, you’re sure to find it for sale in Glasgow.

Below you’ll find information on the costs of property in Glasgow city centre and various other locations near to Glasgow.


Houses for sale in Glasgow

  • Glasgow city centre
  • Glasgow South
  • Hillhead
  • Shawlands
  • Bearsden
  • Milngavie
  • East Kilbride
  • Hamilton
  • Paisley
  • Clydebank
  • Barrhead
  • Newton Mearns


Property for sale in Glasgow city

A recognizable building style located in Glasgow are tenements which are terraced houses constructed from sandstone. The majority of these tenements were built during the 19th and 20th century.

The city of Glasgow is also home to a variety of other building styles; Numerous high rise apartment blocks are found throughout the city, although many are in the process of demolition as they provide a substandard living condition.

Interested in buying a house in Glasgow city centre? Costs of property for sale in Glasgow will generally range from £300,000 and upwards for prestigious locations and from £60,000 for the low-end properties.


Near Glasgow

There are again numerous building styles found in the houses for sale near Glasgow, on the outskirts of the city. Costs of these properties will also vary greatly depending on three main conditions; The location, quality and size.

Below you’ll find various pieces of information for 11 popular locations regarding houses for sale near Glasgow.


Houses for sale in Glasgow South

Houses for sale in Glasgow South are primarily 19th century buildings. The area contains an abundance of elegant parks and is also a popular area of Glasgow for dining out.

Property in Glasgow South will generally cost between £70,000 and £450,000.


Property for sale in Hillhead, Glasgow

The area of Hillhead is situated in Western Glasgow, North of the River Kelvin and close to the University of Glasgow. Hillhead is a fairly prestigious and fashionable area of Glasgow, containing restaurants, shops and a number of small parks.

Interested in living in the West end of Glasgow? Houses in Hillhead will cost around £250,000 on average.


Houses for sale in Shawlands

The area of Shawlands is located to the South of the city centre of Glasgow, near to Pollok Country park and Queen’s Park. The majority of the property for sale in Shawlands are flats and apartments; it is estimated that around 85% of the residents in the area of Shawlands reside in flats.

If you’re intending on purchasing a property in Shawlands, Glasgow, expect prices to start from around £100,000.


Property for sale in Bearsden, Glasgow

Bearsden is a affluent town located to the North of Glasgow. In 2005, Bearsden was the 7th most wealthy area in the UK. Houses for sale in Bearsden are slightly higher than other areas surrounding Glasgow; The average price for a detached house in Bearsden in 2018 was around £425,000, whilst the average price for a flat was around £230,000.


Houses for sale in Milngavie

Milngavie is a popular area for people working or studying in Glasgow; Transport into the city centre is straightforward and fairly fast. The town of Milngavie is located to the North of Glasgow city centre, above the town of Bearsden. Houses in Milngavie will cost anywhere between £250,000 and £800,000+


Property for sale in East Kilbride

Located around 8 miles South of Glasgow city centre is the town of East Kilbride. The town of East Kilbride has a moderately long history, which can be dated back to the Neolithic age. Although there are a variety of property types in the area, prices of property for sale in East Kilbride are lower than other areas surrounding Glasgow; Expect prices to range from £70,000 and £1m+, depending on the quality and location of the property.


Houses for sale in Hamilton

The historic town of Hamilton is located to the South East of Glasgow city centre and is home to just over 50,000 people.

While there is not a large diversity of property styles for sale in Hamilton, there are numerous new build properties currently on the market. Expect to pay between £60,000 and £60,000


Property for sale in Paisley

Situated to the West of Glasgow, just South of Glasgow airport, is the town of Paisley. The town of Paisley showcases various historic structures, such as the Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church, the Anchor Mills (Victorian industrial building) and the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Mirin.

If you are intrigued by historic buildings, you may be interested in a house in Paisley. Houses for sale in Paisley will generally cost between £50,000 and £450,000


Houses for sale in Clydebank

The town of Clydebank is located to the West of Glasgow on the River Clyde. Due to it’s proximity to Glasgow and river-side location, Clydebank was incorporated into the shipping industry in the 1870s. Due to this, various industrial buildings have since been converted into apartment blocks, whilst other properties in the centre of the town are similar to the tenements mentioned above.

Interested in searching property for sale in Clydebank? Prices will range from £90,000 to £350,000 for a house in Clydebank


Property for sale in Barrhead

The town of Barrhead is situated to the South West of Glasgow and is home to just under 20,000 people. Historically, the town has deep roots in industry; It was once a manufacturing hub for iron, textiles and porcelaineware, however, in current times Barrhead is primarily a commuter town.

If you’re searching for property for sale in Barrhead, expect to pay £60,000 to £320,000 for a house in Barrhead.


Houses for sale in Newton Mearns

Another prestigious area near to Glasgow is the town of Newtown Mearns, which is situated South of Glasgow city centre and south of the Shawlands. Prices of houses for sale in Newton Mearns are slightly higher than the majority of other areas surrounding Glasgow. If you’re intending on purchasing a house in Newton Mearns, prices will generally range from £90,000 to £1m+ for a house in Newton Mearns.