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Houses for sale in Swansea

Located on the South coast of Wales between the Bristol Channel and the Welsh countryside, with a population of around 240,000, Swansea is the second largest city in Wales behind Cardiff.

Unlike Cardiff however, Swansea has the advantage of a beautiful sandy coastline.

Considering that Swansea has cheaper prices than other cities across the UK, relocating to, or investing in a residence in Swansea can be a favorable objective.

With over 1500 residences for sale within the county of Swansea, there should be one available to suit your given conditions.

Houses for sale in Swansea City centre

In general, houses for sale in Swansea city centre are slightly lower than other areas of the county, which is partly due to the fact that they are aged, terraced houses. Depending on the size and quality of the property, you should expect to pay anywhere between £60,000 and £450,000 for a house in Swansea city centre.

Houses for sale in Swansea Bay

There are a number of properties in Swansea which overlook Swansea Bay, however the properties for sale which overlook the bay are primarily flats and apartments. In general, a flat overlooking Swansea Bay will set you back around £250,000-£450,000, whereas a house overlooking the bay will cost in the region of £600,000.

Other information on Swansea

Generally, house prices in Swansea are much lower than other major UK cities, largely due to the lack of regeneration since the industrial copper age.

However there are various redevelopment projects currently being undertaken and others in the pipeline. These investment projects should kick start a faster growth in capital value throughout Swansea.


Local demographics

If you’re wondering about any of the local attractions and transport links of Swansea, below we’ve compiled a little information to give you an insight into the local demographics to aid you in a search of houses for sale in Swansea.


Swansea has access from buses, trains ferries and cars. If you are travelling from afar, the closest airport is located in Cardiff, which is only an hour away by car.



Swansea has 6 different museums to suit varying tastes; From the national waterfront museum which displays the story of Welsh industry over the past 300 years, to the Egypt centre located in Sketty.



The quadrant shopping centre in Swansea presents many large name brands alongside the largest indoor market in Wales.


Restaurants, Cafes and bars

Contained within the indoor market can be found a large selection of cafes. Swansea also boasts some great restaurants and traditional bars throughout the city.



Home to Swansea City FC and the Ospreys rugby union teams, Swansea attracts many sports fans throughout the year. The Liberty Stadium hosts both the football and rugby teams and can host up to 20,000 fans.


Houses in Swansea as an investment

Since the end of the industrial copper age, Swansea lagged behind Cardiff in terms of regeneration funding;

As a result, prices are generally lower in Swansea. This however presents an opportunity for a fairly good return on investment;

With a growing student population and regeneration projects in progress throughout various areas of the city and others upcoming, Swansea should be set for an economical increase in the coming years.

You could purchase a terraced or semi detached house in the city centre, or outskirts, as a buy-to-let investment. With 20,000+ students from two universities and an increase in funding in other industries, you should not be short of tenants.

While this will yield a positive cashflow for current times, there is always the possibility of a good sized capital gain if you are able to remain the owner for the next 5-10 years.