Villas For Sale in Greece

Villas For Sale in Greece

Find Your Dream Villa in Greece. Browse all Types of Villa For Sale in Greece

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Villas For Sale in Greece

With bountiful sunshine from April through to November, an abundance of beaches and exquisite local cuisine, purchasing a villa in Greece can provide you with a relaxed and laidback lifestyle.

Whether you intend to purchase a villa in a secluded area of Greece or a popular holiday destination, there area large variety of villas for sale in Greece to suit everyone’s taste.

Luxury villas for sale in Greece

Browse listings of the most luxurious villas in Greece for sale from leading estate agents. Large, luxury villas in private residences and the most prestigious locations in Greece.

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You will find the most expensive villas in Greece to generally be located on the Island of Mykonos. Mykonos is well known for its glamorous hotels and nightlife and is a popular destination for the wealthy.

The expensive villas of Mykonos are commonly found on secluded hillside locations, overlooking the Aegean sea. Other areas of Greece which should be noted as having some of the most expensive villas for sale are private coastal villas near Athens, Corfu, Crete and Skiathos.

These astonishingly expensive residences will commonly be located in a private secluded location in a gated residence, have over 6 en-suite bedrooms, a private infinity pool, tennis courts and possibly their own private coastline.

Small villas in Greece for sale

While some people enjoy the hustle and bustle of daily life, there are a number of people who fancy the idea of retiring in a rural area of Greece overlooking the sea or mountains.

On mainland Greece, there are plenty of rural villas for sale. However, if you’re considering purchasing a residence on a popular Island of Greece, there will be fewer options available and prices will be considerably higher.

Another point to note is that while the idea of living in a small rural community of Greece may sound appealing, you should consider whether you’ll be able to adapt to the presumably close-knit community and whether you are confident with learning the Greek language.

Greek Villas requiring renovation for sale

Purchasing a Greek villa that requires renovation can be an extremely cost effective way of spending your funds; Provided that you have a clear plan and understand any building regulations which may end up costing you a significant amount of money – there are various old ruins in Greece for sale for under £5000!

If you are a skilled laborer and have the desire to purchase an old ruin, there are a significant number of these available in Greece.

Assuming that you do not have the required skills to renovate an old ruin, yet you still envisage undertaking the project of renovation, you should ensure that you’re confident in communicating in Greek, as a large proportion of locals, especially on mainland Greece, will not speak English.

Large villas with pools in Greece for sale

A popular course after purchasing large villas with pools in Greece is to rent them out as holiday lets, or to use as personal holiday residences, however there are various points which you should consider;

Running costs – Since you may not be present at the villa throughout the majority of the year, how will you ensure that the villa is secure and maintained? For example, a swimming pool will either need to be completely drained or cleaned once per week/fortnight. For further information, check out this article on the costs of living in Greece.

If you are letting the residence to others as a holiday let in Greece, you must ensure you are familiar with all of the necessary taxes on your income and that you comply with regulations when paying your maintenance worker(s). How will you generate bookings? I.e. will you advertise through a specialist holiday rental company or Airbnb?

Villas with private beaches in Greece for sale

With over 13,500km of coastline in Greece, one thing is for certain, that there are a plethora of beachfront villas for sale in Greece.

Whether you’re searching for a completely private section of coastline or a beachfront villa in a popular built up area, there are various types for sale in Greece to suit a diverse range of tastes.

You may have dreamt waking up with views overlooking the Aegean only a short walk away from your bedroom, however these villas do not necessarily have to break the bank;

You may find a villa that overlooks the ocean for much less than you originally thought. Below is an example of a beachfront villas for sale in Greece.

Cheapest villas in Greece for sale

Search for cheap villas in Greece for sale online here at EMC2Property. Greek villas under 200k, Greek villas under 100k and Greek villas under 50k.

Since the economic crash of 2008, prices in Greece have not yet recovered, prices are around 40% lower than their peak before the crash. However, prices in Greece are showing signs of growth for the coming years.

As the Greek market is still yet to completely recover, it makes it an ideal time to invest since prices are so cheap and are likely to continue rising.

While cheaper villas for sale in Greece may not have a private pool or a beachfront location, they do however provide you with an opportunity to live in the Mediterranean climate. A cheap villa in Greece could be the perfect residence to purchase if you are on a tight budget or happy to live in a small town or with a shared pool.

Holiday villas for sale in Greece

If you have been to, or read about Greece, you’ll understand that there are numerous islands of Greece located in the Aegean and Ionian seas. This in turn means that there is an abundance of beach destinations in Greece in which you’ll find holiday villas for sale.

Destinations in Greece which are more popular will of course lead to higher asking prices for holiday villas, however, if you’re on a budget, one of the less popular islands will have a holiday villa for sale to fit your budget.

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