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Information on Villas For Sale in Portugal

With its warm climate, cobblestone villages and 1800km of coastline with tranquil beaches, Portugal is a favorite destination for holiday makers and expats alike.

Since around 2013, prices in Portugal have been showing strong growth, particularly in the areas of high demand such as Lisbon, Porto, and Amadora to name a few.

With signs of continued future growth due to a high demand and strong economic direction, purchasing a villa in Portugal in the current market could be a valuable investment – whether you’re intending to relocate or purchase a holiday home, prices should continue to rise.



Locations of Villas for sale in Portugal

  • Algarve
  • Aveiro
  • Evora
  • Lisbon
  • Madeira
  • Obidos
  • Porto
  • Private pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Sea views
  • Near golf courses
  • Rural
  • Luxury
  • Private beaches


Villas for sale in Algarve

Historic towns, golden beaches and afforability make the Algarve one of the most popular destinations in Europe. If you intend to buy a villa in the Algarve, rest assured, there are plenty to choose from.

Villas for sale in the Algarve will generally be priced from around £200,000 to £10m+.


Villas for sale in Aveiro

If you are more inclined to a picturesque siteseeing destination, Aveiro could be the place for you. With numerous canals and old bridges, Aveiro is commonly referred to as the “Venice of Portugal”.

Looking to buy a villa in Aveiro, Portugal? Expect prices to be in the range of £250,000 to £900,000.


Villas for sale in Evora

Evora is a small town in South-Central Portugal and has a rich history which is displayed in the gothic architecture throughout the town. Prices of villas in Evora are generally lower than the majority of other Portuguese towns and cities, starting from around £150,000.


Villas for sale in Lisbon

Situated on the West coast of Portugal is the city of Lisbon, the largest city and the capital of Portugal. Lisbon is the most popular destination in Portugal in terms of tourism, with an annual average of around 4.5 million tourists. Prices of villas in Lisbon are slightly higher than in the Algarve; If you intend to purchase a villa in Lisbon, you should be prepared to spend anywhere between £300,000 and £5m+.


Villas for sale in Madeira

Madeira is an island situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, around 500km North of the Canary Islands and around 1000km South West of mainland Portugal. Madeira is a fairly popular tourist destination, with around 1.5 million tourists visiting per year. The island of Madeira is known for it’s wine, historical buildings and lushous landscapes. The laurel forest of Madeira is classified as a World Heritage Site.

Fancy buying a villa on the island of Madeira, Portugal? Expect to pay between £200,000 and £2.5m.


Villas for sale in Obidos

Obidos is another area of Portugal with a prominent history. The town is fortified by an old Roman wall which connects to a grand medieval castle. The town of Obidos is small, with only ~3000 residents. If you intend to purchase a villa within the Roman walls of Obidos, you may not be in luck, however, there are numerous villas in the surrounding area, which are priced between £185,000 and £2m.


Villas for sale in Porto

Enjoy a glass of port? Then you should visit Porto – the birthplace of port wine. Porto is the second largest city in Portugal and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Villas in the city of Porto and surrounding areas will vary greatly in terms of age, quality and asking price. Thinking about buying a villa in Porto? Expect to pay between £200,000 and £5m.


Cheap villas for sale in Portugal

For those with a small budget, there are cheap villas for sale in Portugal which are at the lower end of the spectrum.

Although some of the cheaper villas for sale in Portugal will be in desperate need of renovation, and hence reflected in the asking price (£2,000-£4,000), there are a range of habitable villas on the market in Portugal for under £10,000!

When searching for a cheap villa in Portugal, you should bear in mind that the majority will not be in the popular, built up areas.


Villas in Portugal for sale with private pools

With temperatures peaking above the mid 30s during the summer months, acquiring a villa in Portugal with a private pool is a must for some people.

The majority of the villas for sale in Portugal that have a pool will be for private use, however it should be noted that there are a fairly high number which will have use of a shared pool – ensure that the residence you are interested in purchasing has a private and not a shared pool.


Villas in Portugal for sale with tennis courts

A great selling point for holiday lets is if they include a tennis court, along with a pool.

Many people enjoy working up a sweat on the court before taking a dip in the pool.

A Tennis court will not only generate more interest from prospective holiday makers, it will also attract a higher rental income.


Villas with sea views for sale in Portugal

With golden beaches spanning the West of Portugal overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean, Portugal contains a large number of Villas for sale with sea views.

Prices of plots which overlook the ocean are generally higher than those in rural areas; Many villas with a sea view in Portugal will be way into the 7 figures, however a number of these exceptional villas will usually be sold with a private beach included.

If you do not have a multiple million pound budget, do not fret; there are still villas for sale in Portugal that have a sea view or are in walking distance to the coast starting from around £500,000 and upwards.


Villas in Portugal for sale near golf courses

A highly popular attraction which Portugal has to offer for holiday makers are the golf courses – in 2017, Portugal was voted the best golfing destination for the fourth time.

With over 85 courses spread throughout the country, there are many villas for sale in Portugal near to golf courses.

While there are many extremely expensive dwellings near to the golf courses in the area known as the Golden Triangle, there are various other resorts which offer slightly cheaper prices, predominantly to the East of the country, such as the Benamor golf course. However, you’ll generally still be spending over £500,000.


Rural private villas in Portugal for sale

If the idea of golfing or living in a popular, busy tourist location is not for you, there are various locations in Portugal that offer rural villas for sale in the peaceful countryside.

Generally, you’ll find rural villas for sale in Portugal starting at around £30,000, however those being sold at prices this low will commonly require a great deal of renovation.

Habitable, furnished dwellings in the countryside of Portugal can be found for around £110,000 and upwards, depending on the size.

If you are intending on moving to a rural location in Portugal, you should consider whether you’ll be able to pick up Portuguese easily and whether you’ll fit in with the local community.


Expensive luxury villas in Portugal for sale

As briefly mentioned above, Portugal has some of the best golf courses in the world.

These golfing resorts, along with the Mediterranean climate, provide a prime location for expensive, luxury villas.

The majority of the large, 5+ bed villas for sale in Portugal come with gated entrances, private pools, exceptional views and are of a modern design.

For the those located in the most prestigious locations such as in those in the Algarve, you should expect to be spending upwards of £5,000,000.


Villas in Portugal with private beaches for sale

Leading on from the section above, Villas for sale in Portugal with private beaches will rarely be found for a cheap price.

Again, you’ll be spending well into the 7 figures for villas with private beaches in Portugal.