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Eco-Homes For Sale

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Eco-Homes For Sale in the UK

Due to the varying types of eco-homes for sale in the UK, they can be as simple as a new build brick and mortar build which has an A+ energy rating accompanied with one or two energy generation sources such as solar panels,


The residence in question could be a sustainable, completely off-grid cabin which is built into the earth and carbon negative.

Let’s explore the types of eco-homes for sale below.

Energy Efficient Flats and Apartments

Many developers are striving to create apartment blocks which are highly energy efficient. Not only does this reduce the overall carbon footprint of the building, but it also helps to reduce the annual energy bill of each tenant.

Eco-Friendly New Builds For Sale

Further to above, developers of new-builds are aiming to construct buildings of the highest energy rating possible.

There is an incentive for investors to purchase one of these new build town houses; Highly energy efficient homes receive a higher valuation, thus in 5-10 years time, will be worth substantially more than a “normal” residence.


Some developers are taking the idea of energy efficiency one step further;

There are a number of new developments which include hundreds of units, built mainly from sustainable materials and which incorporate all of the latest renewable energy systems.

This in turn leads to a development of an attractive and high quality environment whilst also (in some cases) producing a carbon negative community.

Eco-Friendly Barn Conversions For Sale

If you do not have the budget to start a new build from scratch, or construct an entire residential development, there are other options, such as creating an eco-friendly barn conversion.

There seem to be numerous eco-friendly barn conversions for sale in the current market, meaning that they are a popular route for constructing environmentally friendly buildings.

Sustainable-Build Homes For Sale

One of the less common type of eco-homes for sale on the market are those which have been constructed entirely out of sustainable materials, such as those mentioned earlier in the article.

These plots effectively blend in with the surrounding nature, thus creating a very healthy living environment.

Pre-Fabricated Eco-Homes For Sale

If you are on a tight budget, rather than purchasing one of the conventional pre-built dwellings, an extremely cost effective solution is to purchase a pre-fabricated home.

These are fairly small, yet have a high energy rating and are usually constructed from sustainable materials and incorporate renewable systems. Pre-fab homes are constructed off-site and then transported to your location.

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